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 <code javascript [enable_line_numbers="true"]> <code javascript [enable_line_numbers="true"]>
 function myFunction(p1, p2) { function myFunction(p1, p2) {
   return p1 * p2;   // The function returns the product of p1 and p2   return p1 * p2;   // The function returns the product of p1 and p2
 } }
 </code> </code>
-Test2:+=====   =====
-<code matlab> +=====   =====
-<nowiki> Dummy MATLAB code:+
-&#37; Plot: +===== ECG Module Metrics =====
-figure; +
-&#37; Generate strings: +The autogenerated table below shows the metrics calculated by the PhysioData Toolbox'ECG module.
-= &#39;Hello&#39;; +
-</nowikiFunc:+<html><style>body{margin:15px;font-family:Arial}p{margin-bottom:10px}ul{list-style-type:square;color:#000}ul li ul{list-style-type:circle}li{list-style:none;font-size:auto;margin-bottom:3px}.infoLabel{font-style:italic;font-weight:400;color:#5b9bd5}.settingsLabel{font-weight:700}.settingsDesc{font-weight:400}.moduleTable{margin-bottom:30px}.moduleTable table{border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;border:1px solid #5b9bd5}.moduleTable td,.moduleTable th{padding:5px 10px 5px 10px;border:1px solid #5b9bd5}.moduleTable th{background-color:#99ceff;text-align:left}.moduleHead{background-color:#fff}#container{width:100%;height:100%}</style><div class="moduleTable"><table><tr><th>Variable Name:</th><th>Unit:</th><th>Description:</th></tr><tr><td>HR_mean</td><td>BPM</td><td>Mean of the continuous Heart Rate, as interpolated from the accepted IBI data points.</td></tr><tr><td>R_peakCount</td><td>count</td><td>Count of accepted R-peaks inside current epoch.</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_mean</td><td>s</td><td>Arithmetic mean of the accepted discrete IBIs. IBI values are defined as: IBI(n) = Rt(n)-Rt(n-1), and are timestamped using: IBIt(n) = Rt(n).</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_weighted_mean</td><td>s</td><td>Self-weighted mean of the accepted discrete IBIs; i.e., sum(IBIs.^2)/sum(IBIs)</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_min</td><td>s</td><td>Min value of the accepted discrete IBI data points</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_max</td><td>s</td><td>Max value of the accepted discrete IBI data points</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_std</td><td>s</td><td>Standard Deviation of the accepted discrete IBI data points (SD normalized by (N-1) , where N is the sample size)</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_count</td><td>count</td><td>Count of accepted IBI data points inside current epoch.</td></tr><tr><td>IBI_coverage</td><td>%</td><td>The percentage-wise IBI coverage of the epoch; i.e., 100*(sum of the IBIs)/(Epoch Duration).</td></tr><tr><td>HRV_rmssd</td><td>ms</td><td>The Root Mean Squared of the Differences between Successive IBIs (nonadjacent IBIs disregarded).</td></tr><tr><td>HRV_ssdCount</td><td>count</td><td>Count of succesive IBIs inside current epoch. Nonadjacent IBIs are not considered succesive.</td></tr><tr><td>HRV_pNN20</td><td>%</td><td>Percentage of absolute differences between successive IBIs that are greater than 20 ms.</td></tr><tr><td>HRV_pNN50</td><td>%</td><td>Percentage of absolute differences between successive IBIs that are greater than 50 ms.</td></tr></table></div></html>
-function k = a(x) +<sup>Test ((Footnote test. 2020)) .</sup>
-c = x; +
-k = b()+
-    function d = b() +
-        d = 2 * c; +
-    end +
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